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HFW Reprinted with permission:

Dear (Name Removed),

Do vampires exist? 

What sort of question is this? I should think by now you know the answer. I do understand the temptation to speak regarding your granddaughter’s interests. Do vampires exist, indeed.

My old friend, perhaps you might tell me what the world believes now? This question has been asked time and time again, throughout history. Perhaps I might assuage your grand daughter’s curiosity, though I certainly wouldn’t recommend it and, I know, you wouldn’t either.

I’m continually shocked by the modern interest in vampires. In years past, derivatives of the word "vampire" were whispered in fear! Behind closed doors, they gathered and in hushed, frightened tones their stories stained the night air. Tales of demons, specters and monsters filled their imaginations. Yet it seems such things are no longer feared, but desired. We only watch, of course, adoring each of you, your inventions and revelations. 

We once watched in silence as rational men defiled the corpses of their loved ones and sent prayers to their Gods. We sat at the tables of their lords and danced with queens and despite our secrecy we were loved. Our presence is unnaturally appealing, certainly, as you’ve said so yourself. Gods, did you say? Yes, I’m ashamed to say your assistant lost a bit of his mind upon meeting me. But (name removed), never before now has my kind been venerated for that which we are! 


In this very year of 2011, the adoration of our kind borders on religious. Your Anne Rice, Twilight and True Blood are everywhere and the whole world seems to be asking that one, pertinent question: 

"Do Vampires Exist?” .

Children venerate posters of pale, young men and women on their bedroom walls. Married women swoon over thinly veiled vampire smut in their suburban homes. Beautiful young men and women have their canines filed. Many adopt interesting beliefs regarding vampirism I find charming.

Yet still I watch.

Silently I walk among you; immortal, beautiful and wishing so very much to embrace these men and women, to show them the truth and to love them.

We exist.

This, (name removed), is a fascinating time. Your internet allows a degree of anonymity never before available to us. The human love affair with the Vampire is at its peak and I am, of course, curious.

Do Vampires Exist? Do we? Or are we simply an anomaly, a bastardization of nature? I suggest you veer your grand daughter away from believing. Though I hunger to interact, it simply isn’t safe. When she asks again, “Do vampires exist?” point her young, foolish heart to the folklore and to the myths. Assure her that not so long ago man simply didn’t have the science and knowledge he does today. Tell her there is nothing romantic, nothing beautiful. Tell her this. I know you don’t wish for her what you have been through, regardless of your loyalty to me. I know you will say it is a lie, yet how often have you for me in the past? Do so for your grand daughter now.

I must warn you, should she stumble upon it, The Immortal Underground, does have a place online beyond the old back alleys and clubs. So many seek to believe, yet it's still their disbelief that keeps us safe. The ambiguity of the internet allows us the rare privilege of removing our masks for a time. I welcome you, should you wish to visit. You’ll know my handle.


(Name Removed), Your vampire friend

immortal underground